Introduction to this blog

I have begun this blog for anyone (who cares) to read. I’m sure as I discover the features available to me, my posts will evolve. You might think recording a personal blog is a little silly. I’m still undecided on that but would like to experiment as a means of organizing my thoughts, and hopefully introducing myself to new things. For now I’d like to lay out a brief outline on what I have planned for this blog (fully expecting no-one to read this introduction).

-This will be a personal blog

– It will probably be weekly…for the time being

-It will typically not be formal and stuffy like this introduction

-I plan to discuss three main topics each week – A book review, a music review, a film review and some general philosophical musings and most likely pictures of my dog up to no good

-I will probably avoid discussing current events as, in the age of internet news and mass media, we are already saturated with this information

So. That’s all for now. I imagine I’ll have a proper first entry by the end of the week.

First items I’ll be reviewing.

1421 “The Year China Discovered The World” (paperback)

Prometheus (bluray)



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